They support our actions

You can, if you wish, join the development of 42 Québec, whose ambition is to train in 3 years the computer developers that companies here need so much. The success of 42 Québec is also yours: our students are developing to be the actors of tomorrow’s great successes.

Commission des partenaires du marché du travail

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of Emploi-Québec’s Fonds de développement et de reconnaissance des compétences de la main-d’œuvre.

The Commission des partenaires du marché du travail is a national consultative body that brings together representatives of employers, the workforce, the educational community, community organizations and government agencies, all concerned with improving the functioning of the labour market.

Québec City

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of Québec City’s Entrepreneurial Vision Québec 2023.

Focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, financing and support, the Québec Entrepreneurial Vision 2023 aims to make Québec City the entrepreneurial capital of the country. It brings together programs and financial assistance measures to help businesses grow. The Vision receives more than $75.8 million in funding from the Québec government. The City of Québec, the Secrétariat à la Capitale – Nationale and Québec International act as leading partners in the dissemination of the Vision.


This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of Fonds du Grand Mouvement.

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GFT Canada

GFT is leading the digital transformation of the world’s largest companies in the finance and insurance sectors, as well as in manufacturing. In 2019, the company created no less than 80 jobs in Québec City, most of them in IT development. With innovation as a common value, GFT and 42 Québec are pleased to collaborate in the development of future talent.

iA Groupe financier

Even though it is one of the largest public companies in the country, iA Financial Group does not fail to get involved in local initiatives, including 42 Québec. With the security of their customers at the heart of their concerns, IT resources play an important role in the company and must demonstrate a great capacity to adapt to meet the needs of a constantly evolving industry.

Mon Avenir TI

Thanks to a network of actors making significant use of IT, Mon Avenir TI will certainly be an important vector between Québec City students and the region’s businesses. Learn more about this organization that has been involved in the digital community since 2012.


Libéo is a digital innovation firm. A master in digital transformation, this company brings together more than 70 experts in all areas of the Web. Thanks to a personalized approach, Libéo offers software and application development that meets business objectives and user needs. We are pleased that Libéo is involved in 42 Québec. We will certainly have a lot to learn from this creative team where the watchword is: innovate to simplify.


Born in the St-Roch district in 2000, Beenox is today a world-class video game development studio. It is their vision of teamwork and excellence that has allowed them to fill their game catalogue so well. The company recognizes the value of its employees and takes good care of them. Like 42 Québec, Beenox values collaboration and we are very happy to count them among our partners!


With 450 production starts in 2020, NovAxis Solutions aims to improve and simplify the daily life of companies around the world. Thanks to simple, reliable, secure and scalable solutions, the company has more than 6 million customers in 165 countries. NovAxis Solutions thinks big! Their collaboration will certainly bring a large-scale vision to our students.

Promutuel Assurance

Proud of 170 years of history, the values of cooperation and solidarity that led to its creation are still well anchored within Promutuel Assurance. Since its beginnings, it has been dedicated to insurance, which has enabled it to develop highly specialized and high-performance products. Also very involved in the community, we are proud that Promutuel Assurance has chosen to get involved in 42 Québec.


Ubisoft is recognized internationally, but the Québec City franchise stands out in particular. Having acquired solid expertise in the development of AAA games, the studio now assumes leadership on several projects. With the launch of Ubisoft Education two years ago, the company has demonstrated a willingness to get involved in the development of new talent. By collaborating with 42 Québec, they are reinforcing this contribution to the IT field.


Since 1993, Korem‘s geospatial experts have been working to provide solutions that will help companies make informed decisions. This little-known industry, which is present in everyone’s daily life, is making inroads in a multitude of fields, including public security, natural resources, insurance and finance. Thanks to Korem’s collaboration, 42 Québec students will have the opportunity to learn about this very nested but borderless field.

Groupe Mach

For 20 years now, Groupe Mach has been building real estate projects that have a structuring, sustainable and significant impact. When we announced the installation of our premises in one of their buildings, the company wanted to support 42 Québec by offering leasehold improvements that would provide students with an optimal learning environment.