No classes!

The gamification At 42 we don't just sit down to listen to a lecture, we work on projects. And all the projects you work on are organized according to the principle of a video game. Through stimulating quests, you collect experience points in connection with the great professional skills to be acquired. You are therefore largely in control of your studies and you can focus on certain aspects of IT or certain themes in your projects. You study at your own pace, being motivated by many challenges and with the help of other students.

No teachers!

Peer learning At 42 Québec, not only are you in control of your own learning and your own success but also that of your classmates. You will have to confront ideas, ask questions, rethink the way you do business with your peers; this is the foundation of teamwork just as it is in the professional workplace. You will be in turn a trainer as well as a learner and, thanks to this collective intelligence, you will develop the strength in numbers; an unprecedented asset for learning!

No grades!

The grading system At 42 Québec you will not have to collect report cards. As the progression of the program is inspired by video games, each "level" reached (at your own pace) allows you to simply unlock the next project. At the end of each step, the work done is validated by your peers. And conversely, you will have to validate that of your classmates. This is a good time to discuss your reasoning and exchange between students on how you have proceeded to achieve your goals. This step will then allow you to progress further and continue to acquire your experience points with the next project.

At your own pace!

A flexible program

It is estimated that the program takes approximately 3 years to complete, including internships. However; since the school is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including day, evening, night, weekend, holidays, etc.), you can work whenever you want and progress more or less quickly.

So, you can study at your own pace. Each project has an estimated timeline. You can take more or less time to complete it as you wish (except for some projects ). You will not be blocked by the progress of other students and can always count on your exchanges with them to progress.

This time management allows you to deal with life’s hazards… If exceptionally you have to put your training on “pause” you will find your projects where you left them upon you return to 42 Québec.

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