Our program is focused on code learning. However, rather than teaching a series of languages and specific technologies, the 42 program  is based on 5 major themes. These themes are divided into 17 skills related to industry needs.


First, a common core that will acquire the mandatory concepts to become a developer:

  • learning code to make simple programs
  • understanding of network and systems
  • algorithmic

Then, a phase of development and expertise focused on discovering the many facets of development:

  • artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • 3D engine
  • security


Computer programming

The heart of 42 is code. Software development is the driving engine of all digital activity. Therefore, fundamental technical competencies are developed, which gives you the indispensable adaptability skills necessary for integration into the digital workforce. These technical competencies ultimately allow students to comprehend any programming language as well as allowing for each student to develop his or her own understanding of programming paradigms. These bases open the doors to all areas of programming and allow to become a software developer.

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Imperative programming

Arkanoid Rush – In the space of a weekend, you must recreate the famous brick breaking game of the same name, which was available on consoles during the 80’s.

Object-oriented programming

Piscine C++ – Addressing for the first time object-oriented programming through 2 weeks of intense immersion.


42run – Who hasn’t played Temple Run on their phone? But who would be able to recreate a complete game using OpenGL in order to run on the school’s premises?

Functionnal programming

A‐maze‐ing –  Find a way out of the labyrinth! Functional languages are particularly suitable for this type of problem.

Algorithms and artificial intelligence

Gomoku – A variation of puzzles and tic-tac-toe, this project explores game theory, a branch of artificial intelligence.


A company’s capacity to innovate is a fundamental factor in today’s digital market. 42 learners must be able to adapt, to think differently, in order to propose innovative solutions. Therefore, curriculum projects are specifically designed to develop this skill, while others, through their dynamism or new technologies, naturally have this state of mind.

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Adaptation and creativity

Open project – For a long imposed duration, this project gives students an open playing field where they can pick their prefered topic and devote themselves fully to it.


Red Tetris – Eagerly awaiting all the latest web technologies which are constantly changing, this project constantly demands students to adapt their final project according to the latest trends.

Technology integration

Docker – Visualisation technology at lightning speed, Docker requires students to push aside everything that they know through this initiatory project.


If learning code is important in digital technology, infrastructures and different types of architectures also require skills for their efficient and secure management. How does information travel?; at what speed?; what is the make-up of computer equipment?; where is/are the technical failure(s) coming from?; how can one react quickly and correctly to these technical failures? A dive into the heart of operating systems, networks, clouds and the services they encompass. In short, specializing in IT infrastructure, it's possible. This leads, among other things, to the role of network and system administrator. Knowledge of security vulnerabilities is also required for all computer security experts, able to prevent and counter pirate attacks.

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Systems programmation

Minishell – Well known to Unix users, the command interpreter is a key program to understanding the workings of the operating system, and to completely rebuild, as part of this project.

Network and system administration

Corporate Network – As part of this project, visualization techniques make the creation of a complete corporate network, with all of its vital services, accessible to everyone.

Parallel computing

Plazza – Your pizzeria is hiring, organize your cooks so that everyone will be served promptly.


Viruses – Understanding how computer viruses work and implementing one are the first steps towards the following project on protection techniques.

Data base & data

Challenge bigdata – Your data is worth its weight in gold. Explore the techniques needed to analyze large amounts of data in order to anticipate upcoming events.

Personal development and expression

During the 42 program you will acquire working methods. In addition, it will allow you to develop essential personal skills in business. Above all, organisation, discipline, communication and teamwork will enable you to successfully integrate your future job in IT! With code learning and a certain artistic spirit, it is possible to become a video game designer or to focus on the Web and multimedia design.

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Corewar – mong the first large projects in the curriculum, Corewar is complex and demands methodology in order to arrive at a conclusive result.


LibFT – A collection of small software components which do not tolerate any margin of error, and which are extremely simple yet extremely precise.


The excitement associated with digital technology favors new forms of innovative and agile companies. You may want to create yours! The skills acquired include the ability to get creative to create your startup or to excel in management as project manager.

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Company experience

The 42 program promotes integration into companies through internships throughout your course.


The ability to work in a group, or even to lead a team, is essential for successful professional integration when creating a company. Interacting with a wide range of profiles is equally important. Projects in partnership with companies will allow you to address concrete problems faced by entrepreneurs.