What does COVID-19 change for 42 Quebec?

The virus that causes COVID-19 has spared no one. Even if you haven’t caught it, you certainly suffered the consequences in one way or another. When the reality of a pandemic hit us in March 2020, we were in the final stages of preparations: unveiling our facilities, introducing our partners, welcoming the first candidates to the Piscine. All of a sudden, the world went on hiatus.

We had to make the difficult decision to postpone the Piscines of July and August. It was out of the question to gather hundreds of people in our facilities under these conditions. Our partners and suppliers also had a lot to do to manage this crisis, and deadlines were becoming impossible to meet. This forced shutdown allowed us to think about what to do next.

Better adapted facilities

As we started to draw up the architectural plans with B Architecture, the health guidelines were evolving at the virus’s speed. The workstations, which were originally intended to be closer together, were modified to allow more space between candidates. In the end, less than twenty places were subtracted to provide a much more comfortable environment. It will also be easier for us to adapt, rather than close temporarily, if the sanitary measures are tightened. We will therefore be able to carry out several small Piscines and start two cohorts this year. This will ultimately allow us to welcome as many candidates as we had planned for 2021.

The virtual offer

The 42 Network, in charge of the project platform, has also adapted to the situation by offering the possibility of completing certain parts of the curriculum online. Although Piscines still require physical presence and collaboration is more effective face-to-face, virtual projects have been integrated efficiently to not affect learning.

Foreign candidates

Unfortunately, we have no control over travel restrictions that limit travel to Canada. These restrictions currently prohibit the majority of non-essential travel to Canada. We are aware that many of our foreign candidates will not be able to participate in the first Piscines. Please be patient and we look forward to welcoming you as soon as possible!


Life has resumed its course at 42 Quebec, and things are progressing rapidly. This break allowed us to question our choices, to improve ourselves, and to discover optimal solutions to various problems. The team had the chance to apply the 42 Learning Method even before opening its doors!