Mon Avenir TI and 42 Québec, a win-win partnership!

By : Louis-André Marceau, director-general, Mon Avenir TI

Career opportunities in information technology (IT) have never been better. By promoting them, Mon Avenir TI and its 58 member companies encourage the next generation to join this sector and wish to increase the number of students and graduates. 


A unique IT collective in Québec City

No other city in Québec, or even in Canada, has an organization that resembles ours. The collective of 58 member companies that Mon Avenir TI currently forms ignores the competition to promote technology careers. What motivates us is to support new initiatives and feed the education network. 

With this in mind, contact with 42 Québec was made very quickly. A committee made up of leaders from our member companies was formed to evaluate the content’s relevance and graduates’ employability according to the region’s needs and opportunities. Members with experience with the innovative approach in Europe were also involved in the evaluation. The recommendation of our working group was unanimous. 


A win-win partnership

Our field requires creativity, autonomy and team spirit in addition to cutting-edge skills. The opening of 42 Québec to our participation in campus life, the involvement of experts from our member companies, and our comments and advice on regional needs have pleased our member companies in the implementation of our partnership.                

Mon Avenir TI is already very present in the network from the primary to the university level.  We are delighted to add 42 Québec to our group of partners. The first of its kind in Canada, this innovative initiative offers cutting-edge training in computer science. It enriches the existing pedagogical offer and the development of skills adapted to the market’s needs while allowing more people to take advantage of the exceptional wave of opportunities associated with the digital transformation. 42 Québec is an exciting option for our member companies to increase the available labour pool.