42 Québec’s innovative pedagogical approach: a winning formula for GFT Canada

By : Marie-Hélène Bouchard, graphic designer, GFT Canada


GFT Canada, proud partner of 42 Québec

GFT Canada quickly became interested in the 42 Québec training project, initially for its innovative pedagogical approach. Indeed, we were delighted with the proposal of a different path from the traditional student curriculum. The fact that the training is entirely focused on information technology (IT) was an additional motivational argument since we have worked in this field for ten years.

This has been a reality for several years now, but Québec has a crying need for qualified workers in the IT sector. 42 Québec is the perfect answer to this demand and contributes to increasing the pool of professionals, which will benefit all companies working in the field.

GFT Canada is an IT consulting firm specializing in the insurance industry. Our collaboration with 42 Québec offers us an opportunity to help people discover the wonderful world of consulting, a rapidly changing world, and constant learning and challenges.


Working at GFT Canada

Project manager, developer, functional analyst, scrum master, business architect; career opportunities are many and varied. Our team is actively recruiting, as requests and projects never stop.

We have been experiencing tremendous growth in recent years, and our workforce in Québec now includes more than 300 professionals. The GFT Group represents more than 6,000 professionals in 15 countries, which allows us to grow faster, offer more opportunities for projects and collaboration with our colleagues worldwide, and share our expertise globally.


What sets us apart:

-We offer training and support you in the development of your expertise, no matter where you are in your career, as soon as you join us;

-We are dedicated and specialized in the insurance industry. We accompany our clients in their growth challenges and digital transformation;

-We build GFT development teams that work together to deliver challenging projects to our clients;

-We have a development center located in Ste-Foy. The GFT Group has five centers in total, with the others located in Costa Rica, Poland, Italy and Spain;

-We offer the opportunity to work on international projects and to travel (as soon as the context allows it again!);

-Our professionals are always at the center of our thoughts since they know that they are our excellence source.


In closing, GFT Canada is happy to collaborate on the 42 Québec training project and looks forward to following its evolution. We wish the project and future graduates every success!