42 Québec from a recruiter point of view

Sandrine Théard - President and founder of Les Sources Humaines
Sandrine Théard – President and founder of Les Sources Humaines

We spoke with Sandrine Théard, president and founder of Les Sources Humaines – L’école du recrutement, which helps recruiters improve their skills. Among other things, she talks about the relevance of the training and 42 Québec students’ potential.


42 Québec : Sandrine, who are you, what is your role?

Sandrine Théard : I have been a recruiter for 25 years, and I have specialized in recruitment training for ten years. It is an exciting job, which is continually evolving, whether thanks to technology or adaptation to new market requirements (candidates and companies).

42 : How did you hear about 42 Quebec?

ST : My first contact was with 42 Paris, in France. Several years ago, I had the chance to make a few presentations on the Québec labor market to French students who wanted to settle here. I liked the innovative approach so much that I always followed the news of this training afterward. It was, therefore, very good news to know that campus was going to open in Quebec.

42 : What are the strengths of this training, from the recruiter’s point of view?

ST : The hands-on approach. The training is current, meets the needs of the market, and is constantly evolving. It also opens up to the diversity of profiles.

42 : Do you think that the chances of finding a good job decrease for 42 Québec graduates because there is no diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education at the end of the training?

ST : Most IT companies are very open-minded and seek different profiles. What we are looking for are skills, and of course motivation and attitude. In my opinion, the diploma becomes secondary, especially with the reputation of the 42 training program, which has already proven its worth and is recognized abroad.

42 : What are the job prospects in IT these days?

ST : Huge! It is a market in full shortage throughout the province. Recruiters no longer know where to look, and the ads no longer work because there is so much demand. Recruiters in this field are practically all in hunting mode to be able to find candidates.

42 : What advice would you give to 42 Québec students when looking for a job or internship?

ST : To network as much as possible! To participate in events such as the WAQ (Web à Québec), and start working on their personal brand on ​​networks, such as LinkedIn. All the recruiters are there.

Thanks to Sandrine for this information. Find out more about Les Sources Humaines – L’école du recrutement.