Meet our proactive partners

Computer training as avant-garde as 42 Québec would not be possible without the involvement of various partners. Of course, thanks to their financial contribution, we can offer free education and access to quality facilities and equipment. But above all, our partners will enrich the 42 Québec experience with their knowledge.

Democratize the IT

Quebec City is full of prestigious companies that have distinguished themselves in part through their use of technology. They all have in common innovation and the desire to democratize the IT professions. Getting involved in enriching the educational offer went without saying for Louis-André Marceau, general manager of Mon Avenir TI. “Our actions aim to combat certain prejudices and to demonstrate that a career in IT requires creativity, autonomy, and team spirit. The unconventional format, which goes beyond the educational limits, also motivated the GFT team to collaborate with 42 Quebec.

Share their knowledge

During our meetings with each of the partners, the possibility of being able to share their knowledge with our students was a recurring subject. The Beenox team, renowned worldwide in video games, quickly showed us their desire to develop concrete projects to add to the educational platform. Indeed, our partners will have the opportunity to improve the training content by working hand in hand with the 42 Quebec team. For Benjamin Von Euw, Leader, Innovation at iA Financial Group, the 42 approach will help develop more specialized talents.

Provide opportunities

Our partner companies all agree to recognize the quality of 42 Quebec students. In the tech world, the need for constant renewal requires a creative team with the ability to thinks outside the box. Besides, when we offer solutions to customers from various fields as NovAxis does, a diverse team ensures that all needs are considered. Matthieu Blokkeel, CEO of the company, understands this because it is precisely the diversity of profiles that motivated him to get involved at 42 Quebec.


The rapid expansion of the IT sector in Quebec comes with the challenges of massive recruitment. Training a new employee takes time. For a digital innovation firm like Libéo, which brings together almost all web professions, recruiting experienced candidates is an asset. The company is well aware that the fact that 42 Quebec students have been in contact with the job market through internships and have been able to specialize through concrete projects is an advantage. The Libéo team is impatiently awaiting our students!

Prepare students

Our partners’ enthusiasm confirms what we already knew: the potential of 42 Québec students is excellent. In addition to programming skills, students at 42 Quebec will also have the chance to learn more about the job market through informative workshops that will allow them to find opportunities that match their talent. With this in mind, Meggie Métivier, external communications advisor at Ubisoft Quebec, assures us that the company intends to use its human resources experts to advise students on their journey.


42 Québec’s partners demonstrate the industry’s great desire to make IT more accessible. By collaborating on a project that aims to develop new talents, these companies and being part of the solution to compensate for the lack of human resources allow a new generation to benefit from different and accessible education. We look forward to presenting our collaborator to you at various conferences and activities.