42 Paris, best IT school in 2020 according to CodinGame

42 Paris is once again at the top of the CodinGame platform’s ranking of the best computer science schools. It had also been there in 2017 and won second place in 2019. This victory demonstrates, once more, the competence and motivation of the 42 Network’s students.

To establish this ranking, the platform analysed the performance of 9,400 students enrolled in 144 schools in France. Through a multitude of coding competitions, a score is attributed to each participant according to the number of challenges solved. To establish the ranking of each school, the average score of the 10 best students is collected.

“Since 2013, 42 has demonstrated that a free school, open to all without conditions, without courses or teachers, which favours collective intelligence, project-based learning and experimentation can train the best IT specialists. This 2020 CodinGame ranking is further proof that it is possible to teach computer science in an innovative way, with no other selection criteria than talent and motivation,” said Sophie Viger, CEO of 42.

It is also noteworthy that 42 Paris has climbed to third place in the CodinGame Spring Challenge 2020. During ten days of fierce competition, 42 managed to keep the pressure on its competitors.