In short...

42 Quebec offers a unique computer training. Rather than learning programming languages that may become obsolete as soon as you leave school, the 42 Network's program is structured around several themes. They are divided into 17 skills, all related to the reality of the world of work. The program uses a lively approach not unlike a video game. Thus, when you complete your training at 42, you will be ready to enter the job market and meet all the challenges that will come your way!

The pros

As you are in control of your training path once the core curriculum has been completed, you can focus on the subjects that interest you most. In addition, peer-to-peer learning ensures that you are both the student and the teacher; you and your classmates take turns playing these roles.


Together, you question each other about the projects carried out, you learn from each other’s practices; in short you walk like a great team, like colleagues in a real work environment.

The real deal

It is well known that there is nothing better than taking the pulse of the field as soon as possible! 42 Québec also offers on-the-job internships along the way. Internships that you can achieve early in your career in order to meet the demands of the job market. The last internship, lasting 6 months, takes place at the end of your computer training. A great opportunity to put your skills into practice quickly!